How to Work with IT Staff on Technical Readiness

Work with technology staff at your school or district to make sure your test center is ready for test day. Let them know what needs to be done and connect them to detailed specifications and instructions.

Test Centers

Later in the school year, we'll share additional training resources to help you get ready for your first digital SAT administration. In the meantime, you'll need to take the following steps to prepare:

  • Use Test Day Toolkit to estimate staff and room needs. You’ll need to hire someone to staff the help room and provide light troubleshooting on test day. Proctor and monitor ratios are the same as for paper testing. On test day, the toolkit provides proctors with:
    • A student roster.
    • A short proctor script.
    • The start code that students enter in to Bluebook™.
    • A dashboard for monitoring student progress.
    • Digital irregularity reports.
  • Choose testing rooms. Work with school or district technology staff to find rooms with enough network strength and speed to support the expected number of test takers.
  • Recruit staff. Connect them to training and guides.
  • Help students using school-managed devices. If students who attend your school are registered for the test and want to use a school-managed device, work with technology staff to install Bluebook before test day.
  • Prepare the network. Work with technology staff to make sure all staff and students can access the network—even if they're unaffiliated with your school. Learn more below.


Technology staff should understand that:

  • Students and staff, including guests, need to connect to Wi-Fi on test day, even if they use personal devices.
  • Network traffic to and from College Board must be permitted.
  • Bluebook testing requires at least 100 Kbps for each student testing at the same time over the same network.
  • Students need a connection at the start and end of the test but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Readiness Tasks

You'll need someone to complete these network readiness tasks:

  • Make sure each testing room has enough wireless coverage and range to support the expected number of test takers.
  • Set up guest access, open ports and protocols, and enable firewall exceptions.
  • Give you basic network information and troubleshooting tips to use on test day.

Ask Questions

Make sure you get answers to these questions:

  • Can guests access Wi-Fi with personal devices?
  • If they can, what’s the network name and password?
  • If they can’t, how can we make sure guest access is ready on test day?
  • Who can I contact on test day if there's a network problem?


Here’s what technology staff should know:

  • Students use Bluebook, the College Board testing app, to take the test on a device they bring to your test center.
  • Mac and Windows devices, iPads, and school-managed Chromebooks are all supported.
  • Students are told to download Bluebook and complete exam setup before test day.
  • Once Bluebook is downloaded, they can take full-length practice tests.
  • Students who test on school-managed devices get help downloading Bluebook at the school they attend.
  • Devices borrowed from College Board will arrive at the test center already configured to take the SAT.

Readiness Tasks

If students who attend your school want to test on a school-managed device, you may need someone in IT to:

  • Install Bluebook for them.
  • Upgrade devices to a supported operating system.
  • Check devices against minimum hardware specifications and other requirements.

Ask Questions

To ensure students using school-managed devices are prepared, here's what to ask:

  • Are students able to download Bluebook to school-managed devices themselves? They'll need write access to their local folder.
  • If students can’t download Bluebook themselves, how should they ask for help?