What to Expect on Test Day

Student Preparation

When students register to take the SAT at your test center, we'll let them know how to download the student testing app on a supported device. They should arrive at your test center with that device and that device should be fully charged.

Students can test on devices they're familiar with, including Windows laptops or tablets, Mac laptops, iPads, or school-managed Chromebooks.

Approved devices include:

  • Mac or Windows laptop
  • iPad
  • School-managed Chromebook

Note: Students cannot use a mobile phone for testing.

Room Check-In

Proctors use Test Day Toolkit to check students in their testing room. Students who completed app setup before they arrive will have an admission ticket. Students who aren’t fully prepared will need to complete app setup and generate an admission ticket before checking in to the room. They can usually do that in minutes.

After taking their seat, students check in to the testing app and their device is locked down so that students can’t access anything other than the test.


Proctors read aloud from a short script in Test Day Toolkit and provide a start code. Students enter the code, and their test timer starts. This is the only script the proctor reads, all other information is provided to the student in the testing application.

The student testing app times each student individually and lets them know when it's time for their break, so a student who experiences a technical issue doesn’t lose time. If students don’t enter the start code at the same time, students will take breaks and finish the test at slightly different times.

An internet connection is required to start the test and to submit answers, but students can keep testing during intermittent outages. If a student's device shuts down, the testing app will save their work and they won’t lose testing time. Students can resolve most device issues themselves with a simple restart of the app and don’t need to go to the help room.

After the Test

When a student's testing time ends, the app automatically submits their answers to College Board, and they can leave the test center without waiting for other students to finish.

Customer Service

College Board will have dedicated customer service available throughout test day to support your administration of the digital SAT.


What are the internet requirements for digital testing?

Test center coordinators should work with technology staff in their school or district to meet these requirements:

  • Students and staff, including guests, can connect to Wi-Fi on test day, even if they use personal devices.
  • Network traffic to and from College Board and the Apple app store must be permitted.
  • Bluebook™ testing requires at least 100 Kbps for each student testing at the same time over the same network.
  • Students need a connection at the start and end of the test but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Learn more about network readiness.

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Do test centers need to reapply to administer the digital SAT?

Current international test centers will receive a Test Center Renewal (TCR) form for spring 2023 administrations in early April 2022. U.S. coordinators will receive their TCR form for spring 2024 administrations in spring 2023. Current test centers do not need to reapply to become a test center for the digital SAT.



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When will US test centers receive their digital SAT test center renewal (TCR) form?

US test centers will receive their test center renewal form (TCR) in spring of 2023.


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My school will not allow students from other schools to access our network. What are my options?

If you haven’t already, please speak with your test center’s IT point of contact to discuss options.

We’ve worked with test centers during our pilot administrations whose network didn’t allow guest access. The test centers created a temporary network for testing and closed the network after testing was complete.

After speaking with the IT team, please let us know if you have any additional roadblocks or questions:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Domestic Phone: 866-502-6384
  • International Phone: +1-212-520-8570


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What happens if students have problems with internet connectivity on test day?

We built Bluebook™ to withstand internet outages. Students need a connection at the start and end of the test but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily. If the internet disconnects during testing, students can continue—their work will be saved, and they won't lose testing time.

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What happens if students have problems with their device or connectivity on test day?

We’ve built the exam application to withstand internet outages. If the internet disconnects during testing, students will still be able to progress through the test with no disruption—all their work will be saved, and they won’t lose testing time.


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How will you address test day issues and technical support challenges?

We'll have dedicated customer service resources ready to troubleshoot issues for students and test centers.

We're also introducing the role of technology monitor for each test center. Technology monitors staff a help room where they use our simple troubleshooting tips to assist students.

As we get closer to the 2024 launch of the digital SAT in the U.S., you’ll receive training, troubleshooting guides, and other resources.

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How will test centers be supported in delivering the digital SAT?

We're committed to supporting you in the transition to digital testing. We'll provide regular training and information leading up to testing and beyond. And, we’ll have dedicated customer service resources ready to troubleshoot issues on test day for students and test centers. We’re also introducing a new test center staff role of technology coordinator to provide additional support.


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Can you tell me more about the technology monitor and the help room?

For digital testing, test coordinators recruit a technology monitor and designate a help room near the testing rooms.

The technology monitor helps with connectivity issues and assists students in the help room on test day.

While most student issues are resolved when the student restarts Bluebook™ or their device, proctors can minimize disruptions by sending students to the help room.

We'll provide technology monitors with training and a troubleshooting guide when we get closer to the 2024 launch of the digital SAT in the U.S.

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Is the technology monitor recruited by the test center?

Yes, you'll hire the technology monitor as a paid member of your test center staff. This is a new role that isn’t required for paper and pencil SAT Weekend testing but will be required for digital testing. As we get closer to the first digital administration, we'll provide troubleshooting guides to support technology monitors.

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How is misconduct monitored if students are testing on their own device?

The digital SAT will still be given in schools and test centers with a proctor present in the testing rooms. Proctors will be responsible for monitoring testing rooms and checking student devices throughout testing. We've also built the testing app so that it fully locks down students' devices once testing starts, so students won't be able to access any other apps or access the internet during testing.


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Will the proctor responsibilities be different for the digital SAT?

Proctor responsibilities won't look much different, though 100% of proctors who participated in a recent pilot of the digital SAT said the experience administering the digital SAT was the same or better than administering the paper test. We'll provide more information as we get closer to testing.


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Do I need to provide outlets for all students?

Students are instructed to arrive with a fully charged device that will last three hours; however, you may provide access to power for students if it can be done fairly and without disrupting other students.

Test centers must provide students with extended time accommodations access to power though it does not need to be continuous. We'll work with test centers to make sure they are equipped with adequate power sources.

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What if a student arrives without their testing app downloaded, or their device isn’t charged?

Students are responsible for arriving at your test center with their testing application downloaded and their device fully charged. We’ll communicate with students ahead of test day these expectations and we’ll provide you with information to post on your school or test center website.

We know some students may arrive without their app downloaded or without a full battery. You can provide them the opportunity to download the app in their testing room, or to charge their device if feasible. Please note, Test centers are responsible for providing students power if they have an extended time accommodation since they will be testing for more than three hours, though access to power does not need to be continuous.


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What if a student arrives at my test center without a device or is unprepared in some other way?

Students are responsible for downloading Bluebook™ and setting it up before test day. However, you can let them download Bluebook in their testing room.

Dismiss students who arrive without a device unless they were approved to borrow one from College Board. They can contact College Board Customer Service if they have questions about rescheduling.

Students can request a loaned device when they register for the SAT.

We'll communicate this to students before test day, and we'll provide you with information to post on your school or test center website.

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Do I need to plan for more/fewer staff?

Test centers should plan to have about the same number of staff for digital testing as they do for paper testing. There will be a new role of technology coordinator who will oversee the test center wi-fi and help students troubleshoot minor device issues.


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Do staff need technical expertise?

Coordinators and proctors do not need technical expertise to administer the digital SAT.

Coordinators and proctors use Test Day Toolkit on any device that connects to the internet. They can send students to the technology monitor in the help room instead of troubleshooting issues themselves.

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Will test coordinators/proctors need devices to be able to administer the assessments?

Yes. Test coordinators and proctors will administer the digital SAT using Test Day Toolkit, which requires a device—a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Proctor quote from November Pilot: “This was much much much much much easier—no paper materials, no serial numbers. This should be the way forward and it should be soon.”


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What is Test Day Toolkit?

Test Day Toolkit is a web application for test center management. Coordinators, proctors, and monitors will use it on test day to check students into rooms, read the script, and share the start code that students will enter to start the test, and monitor student progress. Coordinators will also use it to access their test center roster and prepare their test center for upcoming administrations. Learn more about Test Day Toolkit.


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Do proctors need a school email address and device to use Test Day Toolkit?

Proctors do not need a school email address or school issued device to use Test Day Toolkit. They'll only need a College Board professional account and can use a personal device to access Test Day Toolkit.


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Will Test Day Toolkit be used to administer SAT School Day?

Yes, Test Day Toolkit will be used for SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments administrations when they transition to digital delivery.


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What time will digital SAT testing start?

Students will be instructed to arrive between 7:45 a.m. and 8 a.m. local time, same as they currently do. Testing starts when room check-in is complete, about 15–30 minutes later. The proctor will then begin reading the script.


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What language should computers be set up to support when running the digital test app?

Devices can be set to any language. The digital SAT will always be delivered in English, regardless of the language setting at the time of testing.


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Can/Should test centers perform pretest setup and readiness testing for students before the admin?

We encourage test coordinators to perform a pretest check to ensure your test center network meets the minimum internet requirements, and to perform an internet speed test in your testing rooms. This is a great opportunity to involve your technology coordinator if you’re not serving as the technology coordinator yourself.

We’ll also provide pretest readiness guidance, as we do for paper testing, closer to your administration to be sure you’re ready for testing.


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Can students use Bluebook to take the digital SAT on a Chromebook?

Bluebook™ runs in kiosk mode, so it's available only on school-managed Chromebooks. The student's school is responsible for using the Admin console in Google Workspace to install Bluebook before test day. No other installation method will work; students cannot install Bluebook themselves.

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