Additional Information

We're transitioning all student score information to the online Higher Education Reporting Portal and will no longer mail paper score reports to higher education institutions starting August 2022.

Reference Files

To prepare for processing the new SAT data, we have provided detailed data field layouts and cross-walks between prior score data files.

Get the reference files.

Opening a CSV file

A CSV file is a comma-separated value that can be easily imported into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Click the file and allow Excel to open it automatically or use Excel’s Data Import from Text feature.

When you double-click a downloaded file, Excel detects column types and assigns number-based columns as numbers. This could result in improperly formatted columns, for example if a Student ID column is defaulted to number, it will remove any leading zeros in the data cell. To avoid this, use the Data Import from Text feature to open the import wizard, and set all columns as Text.