Training Coordinators for SAT School Day

As the test coordinator, ensure that you’re prepared for all aspects of SAT School Day test administration.


  1. Review the SAT School Day Coordinator Manual.

    It includes a checklist and details about everything you’ll need to coordinate the test.

  2. Complete the SAT School Day coordinator training.

    You’ll get a link to the training about six weeks before test day. Coordinators must take the training each school year because the administration process can change over time.

  3. Coordinate staff to serve as proctors, monitors, and hall monitors.

    To determine staffing needs, consider the number of students taking the test, number of test rooms, and number of students in each room.

  4. Prepare to test with accommodations.

    Determine the number of testing rooms for test day based on the types of accommodations that students require. The Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR), which can be printed from SSD Online by the SSD coordinator, will assist you in planning for rooms.

    In some situations, students testing with accommodations may test within a two-week testing window. Students approved for accommodations that permit two-day testing must test on consecutive days.