In-School Testing: Test Day Toolkit Overview

Test Day Toolkit is a web application that all testing staff use to administer the digital SAT Suite of Assessments. Use it on any device that connects to the internet—no installation required. Testing staff will receive access and setup instructions closer to test day. The toolkit includes the following features:

Features for Coordinators

  • Student rosters: View student information, including accommodations and testing groups.
  • Test center setup: Add your staff and rooms, then create room rosters by assigning students to rooms.

Features for Proctors

  • Guided experience: Test Day Toolkit helps proctors take attendance and walks them through test day.
  • Shorter proctor script: You'll read a short script from the toolkit rather than flip through a paper manual.
  • Monitor student progress: Use your room's dashboard to check each student's testing status.

Features for All Users

  • No more paperwork: Test Day Toolkit eliminates the need for bubbling paper forms! Everything is submitted instantly and electronically.
  • Irregularity reporting: Online forms for faster submission and problem resolution.