Planning Accommodations for Digital SAT Suite

Through the digital transition, accommodations will continue to be requested via SSD Online; however, some accommodations will be different, won’t be needed, or will be administered differently on digital tests.

Note: Accommodations for students taking the PSAT 8/9 must be requested in SSD Online to ensure students are provided with their accommodations in the Bluebook™ testing application.

Here are four steps you can take as you begin planning for students who need accommodations for the fall administrations of the digital PSAT/NSMQT and PSAT 8/9.

  1. Ensure student IEP/504 plans reflect the accommodations needed to support digital testing.
  2. Plan to submit all accommodation requests for fall administrations in spring 2023 through SSD Online, including those for students taking the PSAT 8/9.
  3. Review accommodations that have already been approved in case changes are needed. Submit change requests through SSD Online. Remember: Some accommodations for paper and pencil testing may not be needed for the digital PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 8/9, and changes can't be made on test day.
  4. View fall 2023 administration options. Consider how to schedule testing for students testing with accommodations.

If you're planning accommodations for away students (homeschooled students or students who plan to test at a school they don't attend), make sure they know how to request accommodations without going through a school.

Learn more about how accommodations will be provided for the digital SAT Suite of Assessments.

As you plan for testing this fall, make sure students can practice using their accommodations and assistive technology, including screen readers and dictation software in advance of when they'll test.