Find information about SSD and the types of accommodations offered.

Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. Partner with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) coordinator at your school to get approval for students who need accommodated materials or other accommodations.

Get Accommodations Approved Before Ordering

You can order accommodated materials for students only if College Board’s SSD office approved their requests for accommodations. Consult with the SSD coordinator at your school to identify the students who need to test with accommodations.

As a best practice, verify that all student accommodations have been approved before you order tests.

When you sign into the ordering website, it shows a roster of students who are approved for accommodations. If you select a student from the roster, you can view the accommodated materials that need to be ordered for that student.

If a student doesn’t appear on the roster, that student might not be approved, or the SSD accommodations review might still be in progress. For more information, your school’s SSD coordinator can contact the College Board SSD office.

Accommodated Formats

The following formats can be ordered online:

  • Large-print test book
  • Braille with raised line drawings (braille test book)
  • Raised line drawings (book of braille graphs and figures)
  • Prerecorded audio (Streaming MP3)
  • Reader script
  • Assistive technology–compatible
  • Large-print answer sheet