Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. If a student has a College Board–approved accommodation, it will be applied to their digital exams, too. When students take a digital exam in Bluebook™, they’ll see a personal information screen that lists their name and any accommodations they're approved for.

Partner with the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) coordinator at your school to get approval for students who need accommodations. Some accommodations work differently on a digital test than with a paper and pencil test. Get more information about testing with accommodations.

New for fall 2023: To take any of the PSAT-related assessments (including PSAT 8/9) with accommodations, students with documented disabilities must request accommodations from the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Visit How to Request Accommodations to learn more and then come back here to continue through the required steps.

Get Accommodations Approved Before Registering Students

Separate accommodations designations are no longer needed during the ordering process. Instead, users will order the total number of tests for all students (standard and accommodated) up front. Specific student accommodations will be appended to each student record during the registration process. Note: The process to append accommodations to a student's record during registration requires that the student data stored in SSD Online matches the data provided in SSOR when registering the student. Be sure data is accurate in both systems to save yourself time and ensure this process is as seamless as possible.

SSD coordinators and test coordinators should work together to review student registration data in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration Site to ensure students who require accommodations have them reflected in their registration record. Additional details will be shared before registration access in early September.