Preadministration Sessions

Schools giving paper tests that submit their student information within the appropriate window will receive pre-ID labels before test day.

Schools giving digital tests don't receive pre-ID labels but do use student data to complete preadministration tasks before test day. Getting the preadministration questions out of the way before test day helps students focus when it's time to take the test.

For Schools Giving Paper Tests

After your labels arrive, hold a preadministration session where students answer profile questions on their answer sheets.

The date your labels arrive depends on when you submit your data. View the bulk registration timelines in the Resources section below to learn more.

For Schools Giving Digital Tests

After your data is loaded into the digital testing platform, hold a preadministration session where students answer profile questions in the secure testing browser.

Before the Preadministration Session

Check Your Shipment (Paper Testing Only)

After you get your preadministration shipments, make sure they include:

  • Pre-ID labels
  • Pre-ID label instructions
  • Answer sheets
  • Coordinator manuals
  • Student guides (SAT School Day only)

If you were sent incorrect labels, contact Customer Service immediately at 888-477-7728. If only the address is incorrect, you can still use the label; instruct the student to update their address online through their College Board account or by bubbling in the correct information on their answer sheet.

If any other information is incorrect, don't use the label—the wrong data will be associated with the student, which will cause problems for them later. Students will have the opportunity during preadministration to confirm their race/ethnicity information (if provided).

If you're missing labels for some students, give those students blank answer sheets and instruct them to complete all sections.

Once you have confirmed the accuracy of your pre-ID labels, apply them to answer sheets. Labels should be affixed before your preadministration session.

During the Preadministration Session

Guide Students Through Preadministration

During the preadministration session, students can provide additional information not provided in the bulk registration file. For digital testers, preadministration also allows students to become familiar with the testing platform.

You can find instructions for guiding students through preadministration in the applicable coordinator manual.

Share Free Score Report Info

Encourage SAT test takers to take advantage of their four free score reports and decide where they'd like to send their scores. Your office should have a copy of SAT Score Reporting Code List which lists college and scholarship codes.

Students can also wait until test day to choose score recipients.

Tell Students About College Board Accounts

Encourage students to sign up for free College Board accounts so they'll be able to view their score reports.

Discuss Benefits for Low-Income Students

Let SAT test takers know that benefits are available if they're eligible for SAT fee waivers. These include unlimited free score reports, college application fee waivers, and free score verification services.



Bulk Registration Timelines

Get dates and deadlines for submitting bulk registration files for SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments.


Fee Waiver Benefits

Learn about fee waiver benefits available to low-income students.