Submitting Student Information Files for Digital Testing

If you're administering a digital test, use the bulk registration tool to upload a file with your student information at least three weeks before test day. When student data is submitted successfully, it's loaded into the digital testing platform the next day.

Submit registration information electronically.


  1. Get access.

    To participate in bulk registration, you'll need:

    • A College Board professional account. Account Help includes info about signing in, passwords, and access codes.
    • A bulk registration access code. Access codes are emailed to designated staff a few days before bulk registration opens.
  2. Prepare the files.

    Your registration files must be in Microsoft Excel (XLS) or comma-separated values (CSV) format.

    Keep these pointers in mind:

    • If you're registering students for more than 1 test, you can upload their data in a single registration file.
    • Double-check your data before you upload your file. We’ll make sure your file is formatted correctly, but we can't check the accuracy of your data.
    • Your file's first row must have the exact same column headers that appear in the template for your file type.
  3. Upload the files.

    Follow the directions in the bulk registration tool.

    After you upload files, the system validates them. Validation can take up to an hour but is often faster. Your dashboard will indicate whether the file passed validation and identify any problems.

    If you need to make corrections, upload a full replacement file or edit individual student records. If you need to add students, upload an add-on file.

  4. Submit the files.

    After the file is validated, click Submit. Uploading a file isn't the same as submitting it—and we can't process unsubmitted files.