Reading and Writing Section Question Distribution

Questions on the Reading and Writing section represent one of four content domains, shown in the table below. Questions that test similar skills and knowledge are grouped together and arranged from easiest to hardest.

Content Domain Skill/Knowledge Testing Points Operational Question Distribution
Craft and Structure
  • Words in Context
  • Text Structure and Purpose
  • Cross-Text Connections
13–15 questions
Information and Ideas
  • Central Ideas and Details
  • Command of Evidence (Textual, Quantitative)
  • Inferences
12–14 questions
Standard English Conventions
  • Boundaries
  • Form, Structure, and Sense
11–15 questions
Expression of Ideas
  • Rhetorical Synthesis
  • Transitions
8–12 questions

The first two domains—Craft and Structure and Information and Ideas—primarily address reading-related skills and knowledge, while the second two domains—Standard English Conventions and Expression of Ideas—primarily address writing-related skills and knowledge.