Taking Action to Improve Skills

Turn benchmark feedback into an action plan. Use it to inform instructional and curricular enhancements and strengthen teaching.

Help students:

  • Review their performance by content domain via the Digital SAT Sample Questions and Answer Explanations which can be found in the Resources section of this page. These represent the type of questions the student should be able to answer correctly based off their performance in each content domain.
  • Sign in to Khan Academy® to practice with digital SAT test questions and receive feedback, including answer explanations. In addition to providing test preparation activities, Khan Academy offers students a range of high-quality skill and knowledge building activities, including numerous videos and articles that target specific areas where students might need additional support.
  • Take full-length adaptive digital SAT practice tests in Bluebook™. Students will be able to review their practice test score and answers as well as rationales and answer explanations for the correct answer in their My Practice dashboard.
    • Note: Full-length linear paper and pencil practice test forms are also available from College Board as downloadable PDFs. These forms are recommended only for students who will require paper-based accommodations on test day.